Friday, June 10 2022

SAN FRANCISCO, May 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Box today announced that its working capital platform is now integrated with Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for enterprises. A market leader in providing integrated working capital solutions for B2B sellers, Fundbox’s collaboration with Stripe is the first of many new integrations to come as the company aims to expand with B2C sellers, especially merchants. of e-commerce.

The Stripe App Marketplace, Stripe’s new ecosystem for financial services, showcases Fundbox as a leading provider of working capital solutions. These solutions provide financial flexibility, allowing businesses to cover unexpected expenses, make critical payments, such as purchasing inventory or payroll, or investing in business upgrades for future growth.

“This new collaboration allows us to tap into the significant number of e-commerce merchants, most of which are B2C, who are already using Stripe for their payment needs,” says Prashant Fuloria, CEO of Fundbox. “Over the past few years, we’ve cemented our position as the working capital leader for B2B vendors by integrating with their accounting and billing systems and processes. This expansion into B2C merchants is a natural evolution of our business, and we are excited to work with Stripe in our next phase of growth.

Business owners can access Fundbox solutions through integrated experiences with enterprise systems such as Stripe or directly through the native Fundbox website and mobile app. Fundbox has unlocked access to over $3 billion in working capital and connected to half a million businesses on its platform.

About Fundbox
Fundbox is an integrated working capital platform for small businesses. Business owners can access solutions through integrated experiences with enterprise solutions like Stripe or directly through the native Fundbox website and mobile app. The company has connected with half a million businesses and has unlocked over $3 billion in working capital. Fundbox has received numerous awards, including the Forbes AI 50, CB Insights Fintech 250, and Fintech Breakthrough Awards. Founded in 2013, Fundbox currently has over 300 employees and offices in San Francisco, CA; Dallas, TX; New York, NY; and Tel Aviv, Israel. Learn more at


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