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04 June 2022 16:08 STI

New Delhi [India]Jun 4 (ANI): In a bid to bolster its support base in the South, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will hold its National Working Committee meeting in Hyderabad next month, National Party Chairman OBC Morcha said on Saturday. , K Laxman.
Speaking to ANI, Laxman said, “The three-day BJP National Working Committee meeting in Hyderabad in July after 20 years is of great significance. Recently, top leaders like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Home Minister Amit Shah and BJP leader JP Nadda visited Hyderabad Now the party’s senior leadership visit next month will prepare people to vote for them This will send the message that the BJP government will be formed in Telangana next year and people will get solutions to all their problems.
“Whether the Assembly polls in Telangana are held in 2023 or before, the BJP is confident of winning. In the by-elections in the state, the BJP performed well. In the last municipal polls in Hyderabad, the BJP scored a record win with 48 corporators,” he said. said.
Laxman said BJP is the only alternative in Telangana since Congress does not exist in the state and country.
“In case the Congress wins one or two seats, the MPs will join the TRS. So people have lost faith in the Congress. The BJP is the only alternative,” Laxman said.
After Karnataka and Puducherry in the south, it was decided to form the BJP government in Telangana.
Attacking the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government in Telangana, BJP leaders said, “Today there is a family celebration in Telangana. There is only corruption. Their deputies are immersed in total corruption.

He said the TRS failed to deliver on promises made by the party before the election.
“TRS has promised that it will give up agricultural loans. More than three years have passed, but not a single loan has been cancelled. Farmers are in distress. People want to withdraw TRS and KCR from Telangana today. They are looking towards BJP with hope. The party has decided to form a dual engine government in Telangana,” Laxman said.
He said Telangana BJP leader Bandi Sanjay was holding Praja Sangram Yatra to raise the common issues of the people. Sanjay will start the third phase of Padyatra in July.
Laxman said that as part of the booth-level outreach program, the BJP will visit every home before June 14 to sensitize people on the social welfare works carried out by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government in eight year.
“With the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we will win Telangana and also strengthen the party in the south,” he said.
Referring to his nomination in the Rajya Sabha elections, Laxman said: “For the first time someone from Telangana has been appointed MP for Rajya Sabha and that too from Uttar Pradesh. I have been working as a laborer in the party since nearly 40. Today, from the south, it is very important to get the Rajya Sabha from the Bharatiya Janata Party for the first time from Telangana.
The BJP will hold its national executive meeting on July 2-3 in Hyderabad, which will be attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, party leader JP Nadda and top party leaders, sources said. (ANI)


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