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Punctual information – April 15and2022 – 08:30

Campine NV, a metal recycling and specialty chemicals company based in Beerse, Belgium and listed on Euronext Brussels has submitted a binding offer for certain assets of the Recylex SA group.

Recylex SA, a French metal recycling company listed on Euronext Paris, has been experiencing financial difficulties for several years, which led to the bankruptcy of its German entities, the group’s main industrial assets, in mid-2020. Recylex has launched a debt restructuring process in 2021 in which it seeks to sell several of its remaining French assets.

Campine offered to acquire the lead battery recycling plants in Escaudoeuvres and Villefranche-sur-Saône, as well as the C2P plastics recycling unit, located on the same site.

The 2 Recylex sites employ around 60 people and recycle a total of around 80,000 tonnes of batteries. This offer is part of Campine’s expansion plans to develop in the circular economy by increasing its material recovery rate as well as by starting to recycle plastics. Campine intends to integrate the two plants into its industrial operation, while preserving employment, and plans major investments in the future at both sites. Campine also aims to continue the relationship with existing suppliers, service providers and customers.

Campine’s offer is currently being evaluated and is subject to various conditions precedent related to environmental liabilities and obligations as well as administrative authorizations. The impact of the proposed price on Campine’s finances is limited. The offer will then be filed with the Paris Commercial Court and will remain subject to its approval.

For more details on Recylex’s situation, we refer to Recylex’s press releases, available at

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