Friday, June 10 2022

The two-day BJP State Working Committee ended Monday in Hazaribag at Aranya Vihar Hotel. At this meeting, the state in charge, the secretary general of the regional organization, the secretary general of the state organization, the president of the state, the central minister, the former chief minister, MPs, Former MPs, MPs, National Office Members, State Officials, All District Presidents and Member State Executive participated in the meeting.

BJP District Chairman Ashok Yadav said during the meeting, various aspects related to the party organization were reviewed and the vision for the upcoming elections was also discussed. The decision to start stirring against the anti-people policies of the state government was also made.

District chairman Ashok Yadav also said that all representatives from across the state were welcomed by the local leader by applying tilak at the entrance, offering flowers and dresses. At the same time, arrangements were made for the registration center and the control room by installing separate cabins for the representatives at the state divisional level. Excellent arrangements for food, refreshments, cultural programs, tribal dances were arranged for the representatives.

At the closing ceremony, BJP District Chairman Ashok Yadav and his entire team, who participated in preparing the program for a week, were congratulated by State Secretary General Aditya Sahu. State President Deepak Prakash also paid tribute to Yadav. MP Jayant Sinha was also thanked from the stage and Sadar MLA Manish Jaiswal, Mandu MLA JP Patel, Mayor Roshni Tirkey were welcomed from the stage giving them clothes. Finally, he said that after fifteen years, this program has become a memorable event in Hazaribag.


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